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About Switch

Switch encourages behaviour that contributes to a sustainable and fair world. Switch advises and supports, Switch connects people and good ideas.

The foundation is a product from a merge between COS Brabant and COS Zeeland (centres for international cooperation) on  1 January 2013.

What is Switch?

Switch aims a more sustainable and fairer world. Switch focusses on topics that concern  all world citizens, such as foodsecurity, water availability, peace and security, sustainable energy and climate change. Our current way of life leads to scarcity of food, water and energy worldwide.  We believe that every individual citizen can contribute to the solution by living, consuming, trading en doing business differently. Switch stimulates sustainable and fair behaviour. In particular that of consumers and producers / entrepeneurs.

Why a Switch?

The world is getting smaller. Daily we deal with people, services or products from far away. We share a world with 7 billions inhabitants. Prosperity and well-being, however, aren’t distributed equally. Nearly one billion people haven’t got enough food to live on. And 1.4 billion live below the poverty line of an average income of $ 1.25 per day, while on the other hand a similar number of people waste food on a large scale and suffer from obesity.

Great social and economic differences in the world are risks for a peaceful and sustainable future. Also for Governments, businesses and citizens in Western countries, it's a matter of self-interest to choose for a joint future. Based on justice and a sustainable use of the earth.


How to Switch?

The development that Switch stands for must be sustainable, which means that social (people), environmental (planet) and economic (profit) aspects are important. We strive for a sustainable and fair world, also for future generations. To put it simply: it’s about finding solutions here and there, now and later. The motto is: Think globally, act locally.

Switch focuses on sustainable consumption and production and food security. Switch also wants to contribute to the Sustainable Development Goals (ealier the Millennium goals). These were signed in 2015 by government leaders of the Member States of the United Nations. Now 17 goals must be achieved in 2030. The goals to which citizens, local authorities (municipalities) and entrepreneurs  can make a contribution - in their own environment - are of importance to Switch.

And of course the International Treaties for the protection of human rights are also essential principles for our organisation.

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